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Binxian county enjoys fruits of berry industry

Updated : 2017-08-15

By Yang Min ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Farmers in Binxian county, Harbin have been enjoying the fruits of growing berries, with 14,000 tons of the fruit being exported to over 30 countries and regions this year.

Due to high quality as well as strict planting and processing standards, berries from Binxian county are starting to become popular in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and countries in Southeast Asia.

Binxian county even receives orders from many world-class food production businesses, such as Italy’s Ferrero Group, France’s Danone and Japan’s Yamazaki Baking.

Berries have been planted in Binxian county since 2005. Corn used to be the main crop planted in the county, but trial planting operations for berries benefited local residents and increased the pace of agricultural upgrading.

“Output per mu (0.07 hectares) is about 1,500 kilograms, generating revenue of over 5,000 yuan ($749.38),” said Wang Xing, a farmer in Binxian county.

"The profits from growing berries are much higher than from growing corn," Wang added.

Currently, the planting area of berries in Binxian county has expanded to 16,000 mu; and a complete industrial chain of berry planting, processing and selling is gradually taking shape.

Binxian county launched a special cooperation model to drive the berry industry, namely, experienced farmers serve as middlemen to communicate with local farmers and businesses, conveying planting demands, market information and other related information for the two sides.

Additionally, Binxian county established a strict quality control system. No pesticides are used while growing the berries, and even weeding is done manually. Berries face four rounds of quality inspections before they are exported, including during picking, processing and packing.

Also, businesses in Binxian county utilize professional food safety equipment to ensure accurate inspection results.

Berry planting is playing an important role in adjusting the agricultural product planting structure and pushing forward the transformation of the industry, according to an official from the local agriculture bureau. The next step for Binxian county is to develop deep processing of organic fruits.


Staff members inspect ripe berries on the packaging area of a workshop in Binxian county, Harbin. [Photo/MY399.COM]


Farmers check the condition of berries in a field in Binxian county, Harbin. [Photo/MY399.COM]


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