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Harbin to motivate municipal enterprise technology center

Updated : 2018-06-08

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Industry and Information Technology Commission of Harbin released the Measures for the Identification and Administration of Enterprise Technology Center in Harbin (For Trial Implementation) May 31.

The measures, aimed at fulfilling the requirements of enterprises’ independent innovation proposed by the municipal committee and government of Harbin, were implemented to support enterprises in strengthening their technical innovation capabilities and regulate the management of Harbin enterprise technology center.

The “enterprise technology center” refers to the facilities for technology research and development (R&D) and innovation which are established according to the requirements of market competition. The enterprise technology center is in charge of formulating the planning for enterprise technology innovation, developing technology R&D, creating technology standards, carrying out university-industry cooperation and cultivating innovative talents.

Enterprises in Harbin applying to join the enterprise technology center are supposed to possess the following qualifications. They are expected to have good basic economic scale with total annual revenue of 20 million yuan ($3 million), be achieving evident development and competitive advantages in their industry citywide. They should also be equipped with excellent conditions for technological innovation, investing in the development of technical instruments and apparatuses used for R&D and intermediate tests with total original value of 3 million yuan.

Besides, the enterprises must have conducted normal operations with the enterprise technology center for at least one year. Excellent R&D abilities are indispensable. The enterprises are supposed to successfully research and develop new products, technologies and techniques. They are also expected to establish a well-functioning innovation input mechanism. Expenditures on scientific and technological activities are supposed to be included in the annual financial budget and must account for no less than 4 percent of sales revenue.

In addition to the above conditions, innovative talents are considered equally important. The enterprises are expected to have skilled and experienced technology leaders. The number of talents in the enterprise technology center must account for 8 percent of the total staff. The number of employees with senior technical titles and doctorates must be no less than 4 percent.

The enterprises rated as part of the municipal-level enterprise technology center will enjoy incentives provided by Harbin. They will have priority in being selected as candidate enterprises for the provincial enterprise technology center. Besides, enterprises which pass evaluation in further capability improvement will gain support in accordance with relevant policies. The municipal enterprise technology centers will be recommended to undertake R&D tasks for provincial and municipal technology programs, including special projects and funds.



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