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China, Russia establish joint polar research laboratory

Updated : 2019-06-26

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A China-Russia joint laboratory on polar technology and equipment, which is meant to boost international cooperation in polar equipment research and technological innovation, has recently been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, according to information released by Harbin Engineering University on June 21.

The laboratory will serve to strengthen cooperation with Russia in key fields such as polar shipbuilding, Arctic shipping, polar scientific research, operating polar routes, and utilizing polar resources, according to the development plan.

The primary missions of the laboratory include joint research, academic exchanges, international technology transfers, talent training, and system innovation.

A number of industrial clusters focusing on polar equipment, marine engineering, and intelligent manufacturing are expected to form following the establishment of the joint lab.

China’s Harbin Engineering University is a major research institute involved in polar shipping and marine engineering. It became a member of the University of the Arctic Alliance in September 2018.


A national key project entitled “Analysis and Assessment of the Movements and Structural Safety of Arctic Navigation Ships in Extreme Environments” is launched at the Harbin Engineering University on May, 2018. [Photo/chinanews.com]


The Harbin Engineering University joins the University of the Arctic Alliance in September 2018. [Photo/chinanews.com]


The ICNAME International Symposium on Polar Science and Technology Cooperation and Exchanges is held at the Harbin Engineering University.[Photo/chinanews.com]


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