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HPGC to build new cephalosporin preparation production line

Updated : 2019-07-17

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co (HPGC) recently announced that it will invest 2.13 billion yuan ($309.8 million) into the building of a production line for cefolosporin preparation used for injections. The movie is part of an effort to upgrade its cephalosporin preparation lines and improve market competitiveness.

The Harbin Pharmaceutical Group General Pharmaceutical Factory, HPGC’s subsidiary focusing on the production of antibiotics, will build the new production line according to European Union standards in its Limin pharmaceutical area.

The production line will include a workshop, a quality inspection center, an animal laboratory, warehouses, and ancillary facilities focusing on energy and environmental protection.

It will cover a total area of 16,200 square meters and is expected to have a production capacity of 200 million pieces of injection powder per year by December 2021.

After the production line begins operating, the annual average operating income is expected to be about 560 million yuan, and the average annual net profit is expected to be around 47 million yuan.


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