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Heilongjiang, Alibaba cooperate on modern agriculture

Updated : 2019-07-19

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Heilongjiang Agriculture Investment Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a subsidiary of Alibaba Group on July 16 to boost high-quality and efficient development of Heilongjiang’s agriculture industry.

The two sides will establish a long-term “internet plus agriculture” cooperation model on the application of agriculture data and agricultural production guidance.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Co will collect and analyze the agriculture big data produced in the processes of planting, processing, production and marketing, forming systematic agricultural production data reports to guide the making and adjustment of crop production planning.

It will also cooperate with Heilongjiang Agriculture Investment Group on a soybeans and corns trial planting project.

Alibaba Cloud's “ET Agricultural Brain” provides farmers with real-time weather information such as temperature, humidity, wind and rain to help farmers determine the timing for their planting, harvesting and farming.

Meanwhile, it will provide farmers with information on soil, water, varieties, pests and weeds to accurately guide the input of agricultural fertilizers, water and pesticides to refine their operations.

It will also provide farmers with information on crop planting area, output and price to guide farmers to sell agriculture products.


Heilongjiang Agriculture Investment Group and Alibaba Cloud Computing Co sign a strategic cooperation agreement to cooperate on application of agriculture data and agricultural production guidance. [Photo/dbw.cn]

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