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Harbin railway bureau guarantees materials transportation  

Updated : 2020-02-13

By ( e.my399.com )

China Railway Harbin Bureau is taking measures to provide a guarantee of the reliable transportation of goods -- for the resumption of business production and to meet the daily necessities of locals in the wake of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, according to railway officials.
They said the Harbin bureau has arranged the transportation of 4.3 million metric tons of goods since Feb 1.
The shipped goods went mainly strategic sectors including power, central heating, spring agricultural planting, livestock feed and the supply of food and people’s daily necessities.
Statistics from the bureau revealed that since Feb 1 it handled 2.41 million tons of coal, 175,000 tons of steel, 110,000 tons of oil, 180,000 tons of metal ore, 230,000 tons of wood, 200,000 tons of fertilizer and 8,249 tons of grain.
In addition, the bureau had opened a fast track for the transportation of the virus prevention and control materials and daily necessities.
As of Feb 11, it has handled 120 batches of materials through the streamlined supply chains. Of these, there were 18 batches of anti-epidemic supplies such as medicines and 102 batches of food and other daily supplies weighing a total of 12,768 tons.

China Railway Harbin Bureau workers unload goods from a freight train. [Photo/dbw.cn]