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Harbin notary office smooths way forward for return to work

Updated : 2020-03-10

By ( e.my399.com )

A staff member of Harbin Notary Public Office handles production resumption applications from local enterprises. [Photo/MY399.COM]

Harbin Notary Public Office has been taking concrete actions to help local businesses restore their operations and production, amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Application for notarization of force majeure involving enterprises
Provide the services of notarization, declarations and documents of legal significance on "force-related majeure cases involving novel coronavirus pneumonia", helping solve the practical problems of enterprises.
Help companies prevent and resolve legal risks

Carry out evidence storage and evidence collection for rights confirmations and protection of enterprises’ patents, inventions and utility products.
With pirated products that infringe the intellectual property rights of companies, especially those involved in the production of epidemic prevention and control products, the office provides electronic evidence for enterprises to safeguard their rights according to the law.
Set up online-service notary consultations 

The official phone number and the WeChat number of notaries are announced to the public through the office’s WeChat account and official website, which enables notaries to provide 24-hour online services for enterprises.
Open fast service channels
Provide appointment booking and handling services for notarizations for enterprises. Enterprises can submit applications and related documents under the guidance of notaries, through online acceptance and processing channels such as the WeChat platform and official websites. The approved documents and certificates will be delivered to enterprises through express delivery services.
Provide door-to-door services for key enterprises

For enterprises involved in the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of the Harbin area of the China Heilongjiang Pilot Free Trade Zone, specialized measures to speed up approval of operations and production resumption documentation will be taken. When necessary, door-to-door services will be provided.
Notarization service fee reductions
The notarization service fee shall be waived for enterprises suffering from difficulties in operations, when they apply for work and production resumption documents.
The notarization service fee shall also be waived for mortgage loan contracts, financing lease contracts, equity pledge contracts and other financing-related matters; for severely affected enterprises involved in tourism, accommodation, catering, wholesale and retail, transportation, logistics and storage, culture and entertainment and exhibitions.

Harbin issues face masks to protect taxi drivers

To provide safe operating conditions for taxi drivers and to create a safe riding environment for passengers, Harbin city is allocating 13,000 face masks to the drivers.