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Harbin companies make it to top provincial tech innovation list

Updated : 2020-06-01

By ( e.my399.com )

The Department of Industry and Information Technology of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang Province recently announced an important list of 40 technologically innovative companies – called the “provincially recorded technology innovation demonstration enterprises in 2020.”

Officials said that provincially recorded technology innovation demonstration enterprises are those with strong technological innovation capabilities, remarkable innovation performances and have important demonstration and guidance functions in related industries.

On the list were 29 enterprises from Harbin, capital city of the province, according to the Harbin industry and information technology bureau.

Local officials said that Harbin’s businesses on the list have been focusing on enterprise technology research and development innovation for a long time.

Among those honored is Harbin-headquartered Dongan Auto Engine Co.

The company has an automotive power R & D team of nearly 300 people, equipped with first-class, modern production lines. These include six assembly production lines, two test production lines, 33 machined production lines and five casting production lines.

The company currently has annual production capacity of 800,000 engines and 700,000 transmissions and has achieved cumulative production and sales of more than 6 million engines.

Officials said that it is a well-known design, development and manufacturing base for automotive power and transmission assemblies in China.