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Harbin seeks business cooperation opportunities in Shenzhen

Updated : 2020-11-18

By ( e.my399.com )

A business promotion meeting for Harbin, the capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, was held on Nov 15 in Shenzhen in South China’s Guangdong province.

It attracted the participation of 246 representatives from 216 foreign-funded enterprises and overseas Chinese-funded enterprises, as well as government officials from Harbin’s 18 districts and counties.

Harbin Mayor Sun Zhe delivered a speech at the meeting, saying that Harbin welcomes Shenzhen enterprises to join the counterpart cooperation between the two cities, participate in the development and construction of Harbin and share the opportunities and dividends of Harbin's economic and social development.

At the meeting, 20 entrepreneurs and representatives of Chinese businessmen expressed their strong desire to invest in Harbin and expand cooperation areas.

"We are confident in the development prospects of Harbin,” said Lu Jingqin, president of the Hong Kong Commerce and Industry Association.

Lu added the association would give full play to its advantages to promote exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Harbin in various fields.

Liu Hongying, vice chairman of Macao-Shenzhen Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, expressed her desire to cooperate with Harbin to procure raw food materials.

"Harbin has a wealth of food resources, which are a very good supply source for consumers in Macao restaurants," Liu said.