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Harbin airport gets green light to increase flight capacity

Updated : 2021-02-10

By ( e.my399.com )

CAAC Northeast Regional Administration recently approved an increase in Harbin Taiping International Airport's maximum hourly capacity, from 28 take-offs or landings per hour to 30.

The new air traffic policy will take effect on March 28 this year. It is expected to create favorable conditions for the growth of Harbin airport's passenger throughput and cargo transportation volume and build an international aviation hub.

In recent years, the passenger throughput of the airport has been developing rapidly. In 2018, the passenger throughput of Harbin’s airport reached 20.43 million passengers.

In 2020, Harbin airport overcame the pandemic's adverse effects and realized a passenger throughput of 13.51 million, ranking first among all the airports in Northeast China for five consecutive years.

Harbin Taiping International Airport has promoted software and hardware upgrades to achieve rapid development. The construction of the airport’s Terminal 2 has been completed, and its parking space has increased.

Meanwhile, the airspace optimization plan for arrival and departure procedures has also been approved by relevant departments, and the airspace capacity and operational efficiency have been effectively improved.

The standard rate of flight clearance at Harbin airport in 2019 was 83.30 percent, and in 2020 it reached 92.19 percent.

According to the Harbin International Aviation Hub Strategic Plan, by 2025, the passenger throughput of Harbin airport will reach 42 million passengers, and the cargo and mail throughput will be 400,000 metric tons.

By then, Harbin city will be connected to 80 cities via international and domestic routes.

By 2035, the passenger throughput will reach 80 million passengers, and the cargo and mail throughput will reach 1.2 million tons, connecting Harbin to 110 international and domestic cities.