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Harbin releases plan to optimize government services

Updated : 2021-04-01

By ( e.my399.com )

The business environment construction supervision bureau recently formulated and issued an implementation plan for optimizing government services.

The plan requires Harbin to establish an integrated government service model.

Under the new service model, the application procedures will be simplified for service items in 18 categories related to starting businesses and facilitating individuals. The approval time will also be shortened.

The items will include the establishment of production and processing enterprises, operation and management of agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry products, catering and accommodation, leisure and entertainment, medical services, education, culture and sports, plant construction, transportation, talent management and corporate loans.

They will also include marriage registration and cancellation, childbirth and house purchases, as well as access to social welfare, professional ability improvement, credit and employment and entrepreneurship.

In accordance with the plan’s requirements, in 2021, Harbin’s departments at the municipal level are expected to launch the first batch of 125 service items, and departments at the district or county levels are expected to launch the first batch of 135 service items.

The lists of service items will be announced to the public after being reviewed by the offices responsible for optimizing the business environment.