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Heilongjiang launches foreign trade preferential policies

Updated : 2022-03-15

By ( e.my399.com )

China's northernmost Heilongjiang province recently launched 12 measures to support the development of foreign trade.
Cultivate, introduce large-scale foreign trade enterprises
Heilongjiang will further improve service quality in customs clearance, taxation and financial insurance, and encourage existing foreign trade enterprises to increase industrial investment.
Strengthen foreign trade platform construction

Heilongjiang will cultivate and/or identify a group of provincial-level foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases, import trade innovation demonstration zones, and high-level export consumer goods processing zones.
A one-time reward of 2 million yuan will be given to national-level trade promotion platforms, and a one-time reward of 1 million yuan will be given to provincial trade promotion platforms.
Develop new formats and models of foreign trade
Enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce imports and exports and have an annual import and export value of no less than 10 million yuan will be given a reward of 10,000 yuan for every 1-million-yuan in foreign trade transactions.
A maximum of 1 million yuan will be offered to per enterprise.
Independent cross-border e-commerce websites with an annual import and export value of no less than 10 million yuan will receive a subsidy of 30 percent of the construction investment cost of the year, each with a maximum subsidy of 500,000 yuan.
Enterprises that open stores on third-party cross-border e-commerce platforms will be subsidized no more than 50 percent of the platform settlement and publicity fee.
Support import of resource products, export of local products

Heilongjiang encourages coal, iron ore, copper ore, wood, fertilizer and other resource products to be imported and used for processing, while supporting the export of products produced in the province.
Other measures will include expanding international marketing channels, strengthening foreign trade financial services, and improving trade facilitation.