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Heilongjiang FTZ marks third anniversary

Updated : 2022-08-30

By ( e.my399.com )

The China Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone (Heilongjiang FTZ) marks the third anniversary of its establishment on Aug 30, 2019.
The Heilongjiang FTZ consists of three parts: the parts in Heilongjiang's provincial capital city Harbin, Heihe city and Suifenhe city.
As the northernmost free trade zone in China, Heilongjiang FTZ has focused on institutional innovation over the past three years.
The systems and mechanisms of the zone have been continuously improved, the awareness of innovation has been significantly enhanced, the business environment has been continuously optimized, and the main body of the project has been accelerated.
So far, Heilongjiang FTZ has made more than 200 institutional innovation achievements.
From August 2019 to the end of June 2022, foreign trade in Heilongjiang FTZ was valued at 69.08 billion yuan ($10.36 billion).
The Harbin area of the Heilongjiang FTZ (Harbin FTZ) has built a new model for integrated services, streamlined 156 approval requirements and procedures, shortened the overall approval time by 71.91 percent, and significantly increased the convenience of government services.
The time for enterprise registration in Harbin FTZ was shortened to half a day, and the service is now completely free.
To date, a total of 2,308 enterprises have registered in Harbin FTZ, with a registered capital of 9.6 billion yuan.
In addition, the Harbin FTZ has focused on building a new "4+4+3" modern industrial system and a new integrated investment attraction system.
In 2021, the actual utilization of foreign capital in the Harbin FTZ was $192 million. For three consecutive years, the contracted investment amount in Harbin FTZ has exceeded $100 billion per year.