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Heilongjiang expo signs deals worth 79m yuan

Updated : 2023-12-05

By ( e.my399.com )

The Heilongjiang International Cultural Industry and Creative Design Expo 2023 kicked off in the provincial capital of Harbin on Dec 2.
Over 300 enterprises and 100 artists participated in the event.
This year's expo covered an area of 13,000 square meters and was divided into five major exhibition zones: Heilongjiang Cultural and Tourism Industry Zone, Heilongjiang Creative Design Enterprise Zone, the 4th Art Heilongjiang Theme Zone, the 4th Heilongjiang Craft Masterpiece Exhibition Zone, and the 3rd Heilongjiang Odd Stone and Meteorite Precious Exhibition Zone.
Nearly 10,000 exhibits in nine categories, including graphic design, fashion and apparel, crafts, tourism and cultural creativity, digital technology, calligraphy and painting, folk customs, food, and ice and snow culture, were showcased.
At the Harbin exhibition zone, more than 20 participating enterprises presented a variety of exhibits, including cultural and creative products, artistic embroidery paintings, Russian oil paintings, birch bark crafts, traditional wood carvings, digital AR interactive products, ice and snow apparel, and fish skin paintings.
A conference marking the launch of the Heilongjiang Province Creative Design Industry Association was held at the venue that morning, along with a Heilongjiang Creative Design Industry Project Promotion and Signing Ceremony.
A total of 17 projects were signed during this expo, with a total contract value of over 79 million yuan ($10.82 million).

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