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China-Russia Expo sees visitor surge

Updated : 2024-05-22

By ( China Daily )

The ongoing 8th China-Russia Expo held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, is attracting throngs of domestic and foreign companies seeking business opportunities.
More than 120 delegations from 44 countries and regions around the world — as well as over 2,000 representatives from various types of enterprises in China including State-owned enterprises, leading private firms and cross-border e-commerce chains — are participating in the event.
On Saturday, the first day the expo opened to the public, some 75,000 people were present, a significant increase compared to previous sessions.
With an area of 388,000 square meters, the expo is showcasing more than 5,000 products across 10 sectors in more than 20 categories, and has attracted enterprises from such fields as industry, agriculture, trade and logistics.
During the six-day event from Thursday to Tuesday, over 40 activities will be held to highlight local cooperation, economic and trade investment, sci-tech and education.
At the expo, Russian goods like chocolates and dairy products are highly favored by Chinese consumers.
Evgeny Bazhov, general manager of United Confectionery, is looking forward to achieving more trade and cooperation with Chinese enterprises at the expo.
"Our products are available in over 200 supermarkets in China, and we are in discussions with more than 150 Chinese distributors," he said. "In order to tap into the broader Chinese market and increase sales, we are also collaborating with Chinese e-commerce platforms."
China is currently the fifth-largest export market for Alyonka Chocolate, the company's star product, with significant growth potential, Bazhov said, adding that the company has made a number of new products catering to the tastes of Chinese consumers, such as chocolates with less sugar and high cocoa content.
"Over the past seven years since entering the Chinese market, the efficient and convenient Chinese supply chain, including the China-Europe Railway Express and some land transportation routes, has brought us great benefits," he said.
Meanwhile, domestic companies also hope to find more Russian partners to expand their sales in Russia through this platform.
Zhang Dekun, chairman of Kunpeng Biotechnology from Heilongjiang's Heihe, said the firm brought its flagship product — soybean ice cream.
"We have developed a variety of food products using soybeans as raw material, combining modern biotechnology and innovative processes. Soybean ice cream is very healthy and has a good taste, which is welcomed by local customers," Zhang said.
"The company is continuously increasing the value of our products through technology, expanding the market and sales channels. We hope to find more Russian partners at this expo to expand our sales in Russia," she added.
At the creative design exhibition area, various cultural and creative products and handicrafts with rich cultural and regional characteristics attracted plenty of visitors.
Young people gathered to experience skincare products featuring design elements of ethnic groups such as the Hezhe and Oroqen at the Heilongjiang Gifts exhibition area.
"Heilongjiang Gifts is the official brand of provincial tourism products created under the guidance of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism," said Ma Yeping, executive director of Heilongjiang Tourism Investment Culture Development Co Ltd.
"We brought over 100 exhibits from five series, hoping to leverage the expo opportunity to promote Heilongjiang's stories through these gifts, fostering new cultural and tourism consumption."

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