St. Sophia Church

Updated : 2020-03-18

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Night view of St. Sophia Church [Photo/VCG]
St. Sophia Church witnessed the history of Harbin and embodies the romantic feeling of the city.
It is the best-preserved example of Byzantine architecture in China. It was built in 1907 and was once the biggest church made of brick and wood in the Far East.
It is a combination of a diverse mixture of architectural styles with a Russian dome and Roman clerestory. The church is 53.25-meters high, and has a total area of 721 square meters.
In November 1996, the State Council listed it in the fourth batch of Key National Heritage Conservation Units.

Harbin issues face masks to protect taxi drivers

To provide safe operating conditions for taxi drivers and to create a safe riding environment for passengers, Harbin city is allocating 13,000 face masks to the drivers.