St. Sophia Church

Updated : 2020-04-22

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Night view of St. Sophia Church [Photo/VCG]

Tel: +86-451-84684170; +86-451--84686904

Recommended tour time : 1-3 hours

Traffic: Take No 1、5、20、61、113、114 and 206 buses and get off at Zhaolin Street Station

Ticket: 15 yuan ($2.12) (adult); 7 yuan (children)

Open hour: Monday to Sunday 08:30-17:00
St. Sophia Church witnessed the history of Harbin and embodies the romantic feeling of the city.
It is the best-preserved example of Byzantine architecture in China. It was built in 1907 and was once the biggest church made of brick and wood in the Far East.
It is a combination of a diverse mixture of architectural styles with a Russian dome and Roman clerestory. The church is 53.25-meters high, and has a total area of 721 square meters.
In November 1996, the State Council listed it in the fourth batch of Key National Heritage Conservation Units.


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