Ma Xu Arts and Cultural Center to officially open on May Day

Updated : 2021-04-15

By ( e.my399.com )

The exterior of the arts and cultural center named after China’s first female paratrooper Ma Xu. [Photo/MY399.COM] 

An arts and cultural center named after China’s first female paratrooper, Ma Xu, will be used as a site for exhibitions and study related to the history of the Communist Party of China, according to a report from Harbin Daily.

The center is located in Ma’s hometown of Mulan county in Harbin, the capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

The center has a total of three floors. The first-floor exhibition hall will utilize prints and miniatures to recount Ma’s life and work experience after joining the army. It will highlight Ma’s wartime experiences and undying dedication to her husband, Yan Xueyong.

The second floor will mainly display the history and culture of Mulan county and its achievements in the new era, showcasing the county’s geo-culture and development progress from ancient times to the present.

The public will be able to take advantage of the youth extracurricular activity center on the third floor. There, children can receive top-quality, comprehensive education on revolutionary history, morality and talent cultivation.

The center is currently preparing its exhibits and is expected to open on May Day, which falls on May 1.

The massive oil painting "Jiguan Mountain Anti-Union Secret Camp" will be featured prominently among the exhibits.

The painting reproduces a series of scenes from the Jiguan Mountain Anti-Union Forces’ command center, field hospital, frontier post and logistics base, which all existed more than 80 years ago. It depicts the outstanding commitment of the anti-union forces on Jiguan Mountain.


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