Photo exhibition promotes Heilongjiang natural landscapes

Updated : 2019-03-20

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

An exhibition featuring 500 photos depicting the beauty of northern landscapes in Heilongjiang province was held in Harbin from March 16 to 17.

The exhibited photos were selected from more than 8,000 photographic works created by around 400 photographers nationwide.

Photos were displayed at the Harbin Flood Control Memorial Tower Square in five exhibition areas with the themes of “spring of the northern region,” “summer resort,” “colorful autumn landscapes,” “the crown of ice and snow,” and “culture and art,” showcasing the rich tourism, agriculture, and culture resources of Heilongjiang.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Department of Heilongjiang to promote Heilongjiang as an ideal travel destination all year round.


Night view of Harbin [Photo by Liang Heng]


Deep autumn in Xinqing Wetland [Photo by Li Weidong]


Morning light in Greater Khingan Range [Photo by Li Weidong]


Wolong wetland [Photo by Wang Yan]