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Harbin Ballet Troupe to debut in Grand National Theater

Updated : 2021-03-24

By ( e.my399.com )

A scene from Bach Tower being performed by Harbin Ballet Troupe. [Photo/my399.com]
Harbin Ballet Troupe will see its debut in the Grand National Theater on March 27.

It is to attend the program “youth ballet and modern dance stars assembly – Beijing international ballet performance and choreography award-winners’ performances,” competing with five famous domestic ballet troupes.

Beijing’s international ballet performance and choreography competition has tapped a large number of excellent ballet performers and young ballet designers since its foundation in 2011.

Currently, this competition has gone through five sessions to foster a wide outlet platform for dance troupes, artists and young performers from all over the world. The contest boosts the development of China’s ballet scene, shares the distinct charm of Chinese dance art to the whole world and deepens communication and collaboration within the international ballet community.

This year’s program has invited outstanding representatives of award-winning ballets from the previous five sessions, including key performers from the Central Ballet Troupe, Shanghai Ballet Troupe, Liaoning Ballet Troupe, Guangzhou Ballet Troupe and Harbin Ballet Troupe.

The 2021 competition will also welcome the attendance of young modern dance pioneers such as Fei Bo, Zhang Disha, Yin Fang and Wang Le.

Leading performers Ma Minghao and Huang Baimao will star in classic scenes from Grand Pas Classique and Saint-Saens Piano Concertos to give audiences a taste of their vibrant performances.