New northern high-speed railway line undergoes tests

Updated : 2018-05-07

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )


A cargo test train is used to examine systems and projects including power supply, subgrades, and bridges along the Harbin-Jiamusi railway line to ensure that they meet all requirements. [Photo/people.cn]

China is expected to open its longest high-speed railway in a northeastern area neighboring Siberia by the end of August.

The 343-kilometer line links Harbin, the provincial capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, with Jiamusi, also in Heilongjiang.

It will carry both passengers and freight and is designed for speeds of around 200 km per hour. Once it is completed, it will shorten the travel time between Harbin and Jiamusi to 1 hour 50 minutes from the current time of six hours.

There will only be 19 stations on the new line, including Harbin, Taipingqiao, Binxi North, Binzhou, Shengli county, Yilan and Jiamusi.

Once the railway line starts operations, Binxian, Fangzheng and Yilan counties will be connected to the railway network for the first time.

The railway line has been undergoing coordinated tests since May 1.

Passenger and cargo test trains were used to examine systems and projects including power supply, subgrades, and bridges to ensure they all meet requirements.

The line is scheduled to undergo a trial run in July before opening fully one month later.

Construction on the high-speed line started in July 2014 and is one of the key projects included in China's medium and long-term railway network plans. The line is entirely located in a high-altitude cold area, which is challenging both for builders and future train operators. Local temperatures can dip to minus 35 degrees Celsius in winter.







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