New entrepreneur boosting research institute opens in Harbin

Updated : 2018-06-01

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Nangang district in Harbin, Heilongjiang province saw the launch of a research institute on emerging industries and a business incubator platform on May 26. The institute and the platform are expected to boost entrepreneurship and innovation in the district.

The Research Institute on Emerging Industries, co-founded by the Harbin Venture Capital Association, Harbin Daily, and two leading Chinese venture capital companies, aims to provide professional research services for government agencies, venture capital companies and local businesses on business planning, resource allocation and investment decisions.

The incubator platform, a partnership project initiated by Harbin Daily and Harbin Zhongguancun Incubator, a top business incubator in Harbin, encourages entrepreneurship and innovation through a wide range of support services and resources for start-up companies in Harbin.

On first day of its launch, the platform handed out coupons worth 3 million yuan ($467,000) online. With these coupons, entrepreneurs can enjoy substantial discounts on a variety of start-up services. Start-up entrepreneurs spoke highly of the incubator platform. “High-quality services provided by the platform are of great help for start-up companies like us,” said Tian Yu, product manager of a bio-tech start-up in Harbin. “The platform builds the right environment for entrepreneurship and innovation in Harbin and I am optimistic about what is ahead,” added another young entrepreneur.


 A young entrepreneur introduces his drone product at the launch ceremony. [Photo/My399.com]

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