Daowai promotes tourism through art festival

Updated : 2019-07-10

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A festival to promote tourism in Daowai district of Harbin commenced on July 6.

Sponsored by the culture and tourism bureau of Daowai district and organized by the Daowai Culture Pavilion, the festival is a platform that combines culture and art exchanges with tourism promotion.

Activities during the festival include 90 art performances lasting until mid October, the Laodaowai intangible cultural heritages exhibitions featuring black pottery craftsmanship, paper-cutting, pyrotechnic gourds, hand-carved leather goods, clay dolls and other special tourist goods.

The festival also highlighted Chinese Baroque Art Block Street, main host site of the festival, which contains some of China's largest and most intact buildings in the "Chinese Baroque" architectural style.

Built about a century ago and covering 288,300 square meters, the buildings sport Western baroque style for their exterior design, while retaining the traditional layout of Chinese courtyards inside.

Wandering in the block, tourists can feel as if they are in a Baroque architecture museum. The weather-beaten appearance will bring to mind the glorious past the buildings witnessed.


 Clay sculptures depicting cartoon characters and animals on display during an art festival held in Daowai district of Harbin. [Photo/dbw.cn]


A craftsman is making a black pottery work during an art festival held in Daowai district of Harbin. [Photo/dbw.cn]


A singer performs at an opening ceremony for an art festival held in Daowai district of Harbin on July 6. [Photo/dbw.cn]


 A doll featuring the culture elements of Northeast China region pictured during an art festival held in Daowai district of Harbin. [Photo/dbw.cn]


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