Lotus flowers draw tourists to Fangzheng Lake Park

Updated : 2019-08-02

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The 24th Fangzheng Lotus Flower Festival kicked off at Fangzheng Lake Park in Fangzheng county, Harbin, in northeastern Heilongjiang province, on July 28.

Things on offer during the festival included the chance to take in the magnificent lotus flowers at the lake, various cultural performances involving paper-cutting, photography, calligraphy and painting, as well as an exhibition of local specialties and a trade fair.

Inaugurated in 1996, the festival has been successfully held 23 times. It serves as a platform for Fangzheng county to promote its natural scenery, local culture and traditions, as well as its long history, bringing benefits to the local tourism industry.

Currently, lotus flowers at Fangzheng Lake are in full bloom and it is considered the best time of the year to come and view them. Lotus flowers in the lake cover an area of 66.66 hectares.


 A sea of lotus flowers at Fangzheng Lake Park, now in full bloom. [Photo/people.cn]


A riot of color is provided by lotus flowers at Fangzheng Lake Park now in full bloom. [Photo/people.cn]


Lotus flowers are sprinkled across the surface of the water at Fangzheng Lake Park. [Photo/people.cn]


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