HBC wins supply contract for huge petrochemicals plant

Updated : 2020-03-11

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin Boiler Co, a subsidiary of Harbin Electric Corporation -- China’s leading power equipment producer -- announced on March 9 that it won an important contract to supply boilers to a huge petrochemicals plant.
It is the sixth bid won by HBC after its production and operations resumed on Feb 10.
A company spokesman said the order is for four sets of 450t/h gas boilers for a new 20-million-ton integrated production plant, that will combine crude oil refining and naphtha cracking to produce chemicals for SINOPEC Guangdong Petrochemical Company.
The plant is located in Jieyang city in South China’s Guangdong province and has received a total investment of 65 billion yuan ($9.3 billion).
After the project is completed, it will become a world-class crude oil refining and processing facility for high-sulfur, acid-containing and heavy crude oil.
The massive plant will have environmental protection and intelligent production functions. The company spokesman said it will yield high profits, while playing an important role in ensuring national energy security and realizing the transformation and upgrading of the country’s refining and chemicals industry.
HBC’s staff members explained that the company's winning bid was based on five competitive advantages enjoyed by its gas boilers.
These include their use of hedge combustion, which enables the boiler to burn single or multiple composite fuels -- and the development of a new low nitrogen dual swirl burner with independent intellectual property rights.
Other features include various steam temperature adjustment methods, an upgrade in the boiler’s operational safety levels and stronger boiler load adaptability.

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