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Giant panda Sijia celebrates 13th birthday

Updated : 2019-08-16

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Sijia, a giant panda, gets stuck into some delicious bamboo at the Yabuli Giant Panda House on Aug 12. Fresh fruit stacked in the shape of a cake was also provided for Sijia, as Aug 12 was the panda’s 12th birthday. Yabuli Giant Panda House received around 1,000 visitors on the day, with many coming specially to see Sijia celebrate its birthday. [Photo/dbw.cn]


Frozen fruit juice heaped into the shape of a cake is provided for giant panda Sijia on its 12th birthday, Aug 12. [Photo/dbw.cn]


Giant panda Sijia walks in artificial snow, supplied to cool the panda hall, on Aug 8. [Photo/dbw.cn]


Giant panda Sijia inspects her birthday cake on Aug 8. [Photo/dbw.cn]

Harbin provides shady houses for its sanitation workers

As the weather gets far hotter and stuffier, the city of Harbin has begun an activity to encourage residential communities and organizations to care for sanitation workers, who have to toil under summer heat.