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  • Autumn scenery at Pingshan Shenlu Scenic Area


    Deer pictured at Pingshan Shenlu Scenic Area in the autumn sunshine, on Oct 12. Pingshan Shenlu Scenic Area is about 75 kilometers away from the downtown area of Harbin and covers an area of 2,749 hectares. It receives large numbers of visitors due to its

  • Shangri-La Hotel presents seasonal flavours and cuisines


    t’s Hairy Crab season again and this year, Chinese culinary masters from 42 Shangri-La hotels in 36 destinations across mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore have teamed up to present the annual Hairy Crab Festival.The festival will run from 11 O

  • Aerial photographs reveal Harbin’s development


    Editor’s note: To showcase the natural and urban landscapes of Harbin, as well as to demonstrate the development achievements of the city, a series of aerial photographs taken during the National Day holiday has been published.A night view of Ha

  • Snow blankets Fenghuang Mountain Forest Park


    A tree branch covered in snow pictured at Fenghuang Mountain National Forest Park in Harbin on Sept 23. The first winter snow of the second half of this year blanketed the park on the afternoon of Sept 23, leaving snow lying in its high-altitude areas.

  • Mural garners attention in Harbin


    A newly-completed 3D mural in the Chinese-Baroque Historic Block in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, is attracting lots of admirers and tourists.

  • Chinese, Russian acts take to the stage in Harbin


    Fenghuang Chuanqi, a Chinese pop group, perform at the 2018 Sino-Russia Artist Great Gala, which was hosted at Volga Manor, Harbin on Sept 6. The gala was designed to highlight the cultures of China and Russia, while promoting bilateral ties. [Photo/Xinhu

  • Harbin university welcomes freshmen with noodles


    A student adds seasoning to noodles at the cafeteria of Harbin University of Science and Technology. To welcome freshmen, Harbin University of Science and Technology prepared noodles for freshmen and their parents at the beginning of the new semester. Ev

  • Wuchang craftspeople display traditional skills


    Clay figurines on display at a folk art exhibition held in Wuchang city on Aug 29. The exhibition is part of the first Wuchang Rice Festival, which aims to promote Wuchang’s traditions such as making clay figurines, root carving, wood carving,

  • Fog descends on Songhua River wetland


    A misty sunrise greets Harbin Songhua River Wetland on the morning of Sept 1. [Photo/people.cn]Harbin Songhua River Wetland is blanketed by fog on the morning of Sept 1. [Photo/people.cn]Treetops visible over a sea of fog at Harbin Songhua River Wetland

  • Heilongjiang expo showcases local culture industry


    The 13th Heilongjiang International Culture Industry Expo was held at Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center from Aug 23 to 27.

  • Buyers flock to expo for Jingdezhen porcelain


    Ceramic wares on display at the 13th Heilongjiang International Creative Cultural Industry Expo.

  • Intl windsurfing grand prix kicks off in Harbin


    The 2018 China Harbin Third International Windsurfing Grand Prix began Saturday on the Songhua River in Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province.

  • Highlights of Harbin Summer Music Festival


    Highlights of Harbin Summer Music Festival.

  • Accordion week starts in Harbin


    The seven-day Harbin International Accordion Week, which is part of the 34th Harbin Summer Music Festival, was unveiled at Harbin Grand Theater on Aug 7.

  • Animals' expressions cheer World Smile Day


    Today is World Smile Day. Have you smiled today? Anyone from anywhere, from any walk of life can be a World Smile Day ambassador.

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Harbin provides shady houses for its sanitation workers

As the weather gets far hotter and stuffier, the city of Harbin has begun an activity to encourage residential communities and organizations to care for sanitation workers, who have to toil under summer heat.