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Harbin train station finds a way to help foreigners

Updated : 2014-08-01

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Recently, in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang's province, a Russian tourist approached a train ticket booth and began to mime. Instead, he was shown a ticket-buying handbook for foreigners.

And the book was the idea of Sun Yu, who considers himself a trend-setter at the Harbin Railway Station, and it was a handbook for foreigners for buying tickets.

Sun works at the service desk, where answers foreigners’ troubled questions every day and one day decided to collect the most frequently asked questions and publish a guide in Chinese, English and Russian, with a bit of help from the railway.

In addition to helping foreigners buy tickets, the handbook takes them on a tour around the train station sot that, no matter what it is, it has it all. It also includes an assortment of maps and routes, to and from the train station.

The handbook had its official premier just a few days ago in late July, when it was available at a service counter in the main hall. So far, a lot of foreigners have found it easier to get a ticket thanks to the aid of the handbook.