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NE China seeks harmony between human and nature

Updated : 2014-08-24

By ( English.news.cn )

In Heixiazi Island wetland reserve, a floating walkway passes through wavering reeds and budding lotus, with the blue sky and white clouds reflected on the water.

"We saw the beautiful scenery on TV, and decided to come here to experience it first hand," said Wang Yongli, a tourist from northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Heixiazi Island is at the easternmost extremity of China, at the confluence of the Heilong and Wusuli rivers. The western part of the island belongs to China and the eastern part, known as Bolshoy Ussuriysky, to Russia.

Li Huiyong, an administrator of Heixiazi Island, has seen black bears near the channel between Heixiazi and Yinlong islands on at least three occasions. Soldiers on the island recall, "Once we spotted a black bear, and saw a white V on its chest." After the bear went away, they put up a sign at the place reading "Beware of the bears!"

According to Zhu Sijun, an official with Fuyuan County, Heixiazi generally receives about 3,000 tourists every day and many more during holidays.

Although the island is developing tourism, trade and business, eco-protection should always be the top priority, Li said. The total developed area of the island should not exceed 30 square km, about ten percent of the total area, and there will be no large buildings.

"Any construction plan should be approved by the State Council, and the local government will come out specific regulations to preserve the island," Li added.

As the island is shared between China and Russia, it is listed as a key cooperation zone by the two countries. Bridges have been built and an international tourist zone is under construction.