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Harbin using job rotation system for teachers and headmasters

Updated : 2014-09-18

By Pan Qi ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The city of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province has decided to institute a job rotation system for headmasters and teachers in compulsory education classes and to raise teachers’ salaries through a merit system as ways of reforming its education, Harbin Daily reported on Sept 10, and as a way to tackle its problems with centralization and shortage of top teachers in certain areas.

For years, parents have racked their brains and tried everything they could to get their children into better schools with some borrowing enough money to buy a house near a favorite school since enrolling people near the school is compulsory in urban areas.

The city’s education department wants to implement the change in a friendly way and plans to start the rotation at selected schools then gradually spread it to all schools, while salaries will be based on teacher performance and there will be policies to encourage teachers to work in grass-root schools.

To develop a more balanced, fair education system and make best use of resources, the number of PE, music, art, and science teachers will be increased, while Harbin will come up with teacher training, especially for grass-roots schools, and for “dual profession” teachers.