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Harbin to invest 30 billion yuan in livelihood improvement

Updated : 2014-09-22

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin will mainly focus on further expanding investment in infrastructure construction this and next year. Direct investment in livelihood improvement will reach 30 billion yuan ($4.88 billion) this year, according to the newly released Advice on Harbin's Steady Economic Growth.
Government investment plays a leading role in encouraging social investments in infrastructure construction. The further expanded social investments will promote the steady economic growth of Harbin.

Encouraging private bank establishment

The investment should further promote the development of the non-public economy; the higher quality and efficiency of the industrial economy; the steady growth of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry; and consumption and exportation, according to the advice.

Policies on non-public economic development will be formulated to provide convenience to non-public economic investment admittance and private enterprise financing, according to the advice.

The advice also encourages private enterprises to participate in establishing private banks and financing institutions.

Focus on 104 projects in the service industry

Harbin will focus on 104 projects over 100 million yuan in the service industry and complete more than 20 billion yuan in investment this year, according to the advice.

The purpose of the policy is to realize the transition from the traditional service industry to the modernized service industry.

A total of 100 million yuan will be spent on the merging of tourism, the cultural industry, and the fashion industry this and next year. In addition, the health and nursing industry and information service industry are among the major constructing service industries.

Expanding certified green food base area to 123 million mu
The certified green food base area will be expanded to 123 million mu (82,00 square kilometers) and 150 million mu (10,000 square kilometers) by the end of this year and 2015, respectively.
Standard rice seedling greenhouses and smart sprouting plants will be further constructed. There are plans to build 5,000 standard seedling greenhouses and four smart sprouting plants per year. The number of standard seedling greenhouses in Harbin will reach 170,000, and the number of smart sprouting plant will reach 106.

Harbin will also accelerate modernized agriculture development and improve the quality and benefits of the agricultural economy.

According to the advice, modernized agricultural parks will be built continuously. Around 490 million yuan will be invested in launching 218 agricultural parks, and the core area of the parks will reach 10.16 million mu.