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Harbin people enjoy happy life last year

Updated : 2015-01-24

By Liao Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Happiness Index of Harbin residents in 2014 stood at 89.1 percent, which means more than 89 out of every 100 residents feel happy about their lives in the city.

More than 34.1 percent of interviewees feel very happy and 55 percent of them feel relatively happy.

The data came from a recent statistical data issued by the Harbin-based National Bureau of Statistics Investigation Team. The survey, which was launched in the end of 2014, indicated the local people’s satisfaction with the quality of public policy. Interviews were conducted among more than 10,000 randomly selected respondents.

The growth rate of the per capita disposable income of rural residents in Harbin was higher than that of urban residents in 2014. The Happiness Index of rural residents stood at 92 percent, 4.2 points higher than that of urban residents.

About 88.9 percent of respondents said they were confident of their happiness in the future.

Nearly 80 percent of local residents gave favorable comments on the city’s environment.