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Opinions from the fourth session of the 14th Harbin People’s Congress

Updated : 2015-02-13

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Voicing people’s concerns and supervising government on people’s behalf

At the second plenary session of the fourth session of the 14th Harbin People’s Congress, delegates offered advice and suggestion for the city’s development and people’s livelihood.

The issues, ranging from adjustment in industrial structure, financial reforms, and environmental protection to employment, were very hot topics during their discussion.

All the delegates bore their responsibilities in mind and tried to make more contributions to their duties.

Opinions in spotlight

Bai Xuefeng: Upgrade the function of industrial parks

In recent years, Harbin has stepped up the innovation of technology and investment attraction. Many high-tech industrial parks have been built, and the number of enterprises has surged in these parks.

However, the businesses of these companies do not have much to do with each other, and they cannot produce an integral effect of agglomeration. These parks lack competitiveness in organization and technology.

The emergence of industrial clusters is a symbol of the industrial zones’ economic growth in the future. The government should focus on the development of strategic emerging industries and innovation-oriented industrial clusters with knowledge-intensive or technology-intensive products.

Harbin should grab opportunities in China’s plan on revitalizing the old Northeast Industrial Bases, and speed up the adjustment of the layout of the new industrial clusters.

The government should integrate all the factors and resources in innovation and optimize the industrial structure for the region’s rapid economic development.


Xu Jianhua: Improve the quality of pre-school education
There is a large gap between the supply and demand of pre-education resources in Harbin, especially in some new residential communities. The shortage of faculty and absence of good supervision are also obstacles for its development.


The government should draw up regulations on pre-school education as soon as possible to ensure that all kinds of kindergartens are operated according to special rules.

The city should also cooperate with social forces to improve the standard of pre-school education and resolutely ban unqualified schools.


 Liu Haiqing: Accelerate the reform of the rural property rights system

The reform of the property rights system in Harbin’s rural areas has made some progress. A market-oriented mechanism for property rights of houses, farmer homesteads and collective construction land has been set up. 

However, challenges still plague the reform, including the absence of a mature property rights trading mechanism and professional services.


The city could set up pilot projects for the reform of the rural property rights system and encourage qualified villages to carry out the pilot project first. Others could then learn from their experiences.

Villages should improve their management of collective funds, assets and resources and promote the reform of cooperatives and joint stock partnerships in rural areas.

The government should also establish a compensation fund to control the risk of property rights trading and provide more insurance products to benefit more farmers to improve risk protection for farmers.