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Harbin proposes new measures for school bus safety

Updated : 2016-09-20

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Harbin has formulated a set of measures to further enhance the safety of school buses, according to a document released by the Heilongjiang provincial government.

Newly established enterprises bidding to run school bus services should be required to have a fleet of at least 40 buses, with capacity for 800 students, the document said.

All school buses should also be equipped with satellite positioning devices to monitor the drivers’ performance, it added.

The document also proposes that school bus service providers should be required to submit plans to the related government departments detailing how they are tailoring their services to students’ needs, with the plans subject to the departments’ approval.

The city’s public security and public transport management departments should also make regular inspections of school buses and ensure all vehicles meet road safety standards.

Vehicles not showing the correct school bus license plate will be banned from providing school bus services, according to the proposal.

The document also urged officials to improve the accountability system for school bus security management, and properly punish those who violate regulations.