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Harbin to modernize rural businesses

Updated : 2016-11-29

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Harbin government has issued new guidance to promote the integration of industrial development in the city’s rural areas.

By 2020, a modern industrial system will have been formed from the integration and development of the first, second, and tertiary industries of the rural areas of Harbin, according to the new guidance.

The guidance urges further development of the agricultural industry. By the end of 2020, the total output of those industries will reach 172 billion yuan ($24.9 billion). The average annual growth of per capita disposable income for rural residents will be 6.8 percent. The number of family farms and cooperatives will grow to 16,500.

Meanwhile, the total revenues from main business income will reach 60 billion yuan. The number of businesses involved in organic food will reach 600 and more than 1,500 firms will be involved in rural tourism.

The guidance also calls for the development of standardized production and information-based management. Also, more efforts should be made in the adjustment of the agricultural structure, with the development of green agriculture.

The government has also called for the building of a comprehensive information service platform to provide information on e-commerce, village tourism and the internet of things.