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Harbin issues policies to boost enterprise digital, intelligent transformation

Updated : 2022-03-11

By ( e.my399.com )

The Harbin Industry and Information Technology Bureau recently issued a document to help Harbin enterprises apply modern information technologies such as big data, 5G, industrial internet and AI and realize digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading.
According to the document, Harbin encourages enterprises to build an industrial internet platform and an intelligent manufacturing upgrade platform that serve industrial enterprises in the city.
The authority will grant enterprises subsidies of up to 5 million yuan ($750,187.55) based on 20 percent of the actual investment in the platform.
Harbin also encourages enterprises to apply for the National Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Project, and each enterprise will be given a one-time reward of 1 million yuan if they are selected as such a project.
Each enterprise that implements digitalization transformation according to a third-party agency's analysis and solutions will be granted a one-time subsidy of 50,000 yuan.
Additionally, for enterprises that have completed the "5G+Industrial Internet" integration application scenario, Harbin will provide subsidies equal to 30 percent of the actual purchasing cost of 5G equipment used in the project, with a maximum of 1 million yuan.