Whitewater rafting thrills to be had on the Xiangshui River

Updated : 2019-07-05

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

For whitewater rafting lovers, the Xiangshui River in the Luolemi Mountain scenic area -- in Fangzheng county, Harbin -- is a must-see destination.

A whitewater rafting festival will kick off in the Xiangshui River scenic site, starting July 6.

The 10 kilometer-long stretch of river has a water level drop of 24 meters. For adrenalin junkies, it takes around three hours to complete the whole knuckle-gripping whitewater rafting journey.

Sightseeing spots neighboring the Xiangshui River include the Yuanyang mountains, which is suitable for tourists who want to experience thrilling suspended glass paths.

The Yuanyang mountains encompasses the 720-meters high Yuanfeng Mountain and the 640 m high Yangfeng Mountain, connected by a 228-meter fully transparent glass suspension bridge. Transparent glass paths along the cliffs of the mountains have also been installed.


Tourists get ready to experience heart-stopping whitewater rafting in the Xiangshui River scenic area. [Photo/dbw.cn]


Tourists are amazed by the forest scenery, while aloft on a glass-made sightseeing platform in Luolemi Mountain Scenic Area. [Photo/dbw.cn]


The lush forest scenery of Luolemi Mountain Scenic Area never fails to attract nature enthusiasts. [Photo/dbw.cn]


There’s nothing quite like promenading on a transparent glass path among the mountains. [Photo/dbw.cn]

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