Fenghuang Mountain is must-see summer resort

Updated : 2019-07-19

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

If you are looking for a place to experience a cool summer, Fenghuang Mountain National Forest Park in Harbin is a must-see destination.

The national park covers an area of 50,000 hectares, with 89 hills more than 1,000 meters above sea level, including the main peak which is 1,690 m above sea level –– the highest peak in Heilongjiang province. 

The park has two scenic areas: Fenghuang Mountain Alpine Garden and Fenghuang Mountain Grand Gorge, which are famous for their pristine environment and exotic natural landscape.

Affected by the warm and humid airflows from Japan and the cold air from Lake Baikal, Fenghuang Mountain scenic area has a unique mountain microclimate, where the temperature is 6 to 8 degrees Celsius lower all year round than that of Harbin’s urban area.

Currently, the base of the mountain is entering the best season to experience its charming natural landscape, cool weather, fresh air and rich entertainment activities.

A folk instrument concert has already been staged, with other events helping to attract visitors to the scenic area.

Students under 18 years old have access to free tickets for the scenic area if they show their student cards; and tourists holding tickets get the opportunity to experience whitewater rafting on the Mangniu River at no charge during the summer holiday.

The 15 kilometer-long stretch of river is one of the best-preserved waterways in Heilongjiang province, featuring crystal clear water and breathtaking scenery along the river.


A small waterfall pictured in Fenghuang Mountain scenic area. [Photo/people.cn]


Tourists admire mountain scenery on a sightseeing platform in Fenghuang Mountain scenic area. [Photo/people.cn]

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