Harbin: perfect place for ice, snow activities

Updated : 2022-12-22

By ( e.my399.com )

The opening ceremony of the Ninth National Ice and Snow Season will be held in Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province on Dec 24.
The event is themed on "New Era: a New Journey for Ice and Snow".
Harbin has become the main venue of this year's event due to its innovativeness in developing ice and snow activities.
Harbin is the only provincial capital city in the country with the title "City of Olympic Champions", and is known as "The Cradle of China's Ice and Snow Sports" and "Leading Goose in China's Winter Events".
Harbin athletes won 17 medals in the Winter Olympics, six of which were gold medals.
While competitive winter sports are flourishing, Harbin is making continuous efforts in the development of the sports industry and sports infrastructure.
There is no venue shortage in winter as there are 10-minute fitness circles, 18 outdoor smart gyms, more than 20 ski resorts, and 530 ice rinks in primary and secondary schools. This leads to local residents leading more active and healthy lives, even in winter. 
According to incomplete statistics, the number of people who participate in ice and snow sports in Harbin throughout the year exceeds 15 percent of the total population, ranking first in the country.
This year, Harbin successfully held more than 10 ice and snow-based events such as a speed skating marathon invitational competition, a national winter triathlon, and a cross-country skiing marathon. These events have attracted athletes from all over the country to participate.
The participation of many people outside the city not only stimulated the catering and accommodation industries, but also promoted the integrated development of the "sports+" industry, which helps Harbin's economic development.