Harbin Ice Harvest Festival to kick off

Updated : 2023-12-04

By ( e.my399.com )

The Fourth Harbin Ice Harvest Festival is scheduled to officially kick off on Dec 7 in Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province.
In the past, the primary purpose of ice harvesting was to create ice cellars and ice warehouses to preserve food. Over time, it has evolved into a traditional folk culture.
Every year, during the "Major Snow" solar term, the annual ice harvest festival takes place. More than a dozen rituals are held according to centuries-old customs, such as playing the drums and reciting words of blessings.
These rituals express gratitude for nature's bounty and prayers for peace throughout all seasons.
Meanwhile, the collected ice will be used to build Harbin Ice and Snow World, a winter amusement in the city.
To create a crystal-clear effect for the ice sculptures, ice must be harvested from the slowest flowing, cleanest water, and areas with the highest ice transparency in the Songhua River.
After selecting the most suitable section of the river, snow and debris must be cleared, ensuring a smooth and level surface.
Once the ice surface is cleaned, the sawing can begin. Every ice block is collected according to the standard required for the construction of Harbin Ice and Snow World.

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