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Nestlé opens Italian dessert boutique in Harbin

Updated : 2021-08-16

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On Aug 14, the Chinese Valentine's Day, Nestlé announced the opening of Italian dessert boutique on Harbin Central Street. This store offers Baci and Antica, both national treasures of Italian for exceptional chocolate and gelato respectively. The opening duly marks Baci's entry into China market and symbolizes Nestlé's commitment to promoting local development in all respects such as  support to local agriculture, procurement of raw materials, and production to commercialization.

Nestlé and Harbin government signs a cooperation agreement. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

With great confidence in China market and its consumers, Nestlé brings out its well-received chocolate brand Baci with Italian time-honored gelato brand Antica for this new boutique. Based on mind-blowing ideas for product mix, this boutique impresses consumers with romantic Italian dessert experience and demonstrates Nestlé's commitment to the constant supply of quality food to Chinese consumers.

Originated in 1922, Baci is a long-standing brand with profoundness. The brand is consistently dedicated to presenting classical chocolates with plentitude of love and made from premium ingredients. Baci envelopes hundreds of Italian-styled love letters in the chocolates to convey romance. Rooted in Parma Italy, Antica's gelato dates to over a century ago. Antica gelatos secure delicate taste and premium quality with high-content raw milk and fresh food and use ingenuity and creativity to create products favored by young people. Traveling a long distance from Italy to Harbin, China, the two brands intend to engage consumers in authentic Italian-styled romance.

Harbin Mayor Sun Zhe (L) and Rashid Qureshi, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé GCR, pose for a photo. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The Italian dessert boutique adds more sweet vibes to Harbin on the Chinese Valentine's Day. The design of the boutique combines the classic elements of the two brands with modern and fashionable design. The yellow and blue colors collide strongly to create a relaxed and lively dessert experience space. The classic yellow cup of Antica and the heart-shaped Baci chocolate gift box add sweetness to this romantic festival. Consumers can also enjoy the Harbin city exclusive desserts in the store. The boutique will deliver unique Italian dessert experience to more consumers.

The sound partnership between Nestlé and Harbin government can trace back to over thirty years ago when Nestlé sited its first factory in China in Shuangcheng District, Harbin. Upholding the principle of Creating Shared Value, Nestlé keeps fulfilling its commitment to securing long-term local development. By ramping up local investment to RMB 700 million in the latest 3 years, it has contributed to agricultural sustainability in Heilongjiang and further enhanced capacity of its local factory based on a sound industry chain for agricultural production and smooth internal economic flow.

Harbin Mayor Sun Zhe said that Nestlé is the first Fortune 500 company settled in Harbin and always maintains a good cooperation relationship with Harbin government. The boutique is an important attempt to expand the scope of cooperation between Harbin City and Nestlé. This is a significant milestone for two sides. In the future, Harbin Municipal Government will continuously provide quality services and convenient conditions for Nestlé to develop its business in Harbin.

The newly-opened Italian dessert boutique on Harbin Central Street  [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Rashid Qureshi, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé GCR said, "With a favorable business environment and more business opportunities for enterprises, Harbin city is paving the way for high quality development and opening up in an all-around way. Nestlé's new boutique typifies our endeavor of deepening cooperation with the city. In the future, Nestlé will continue to fulfill our first commitment to the Chinese market and consumers, as well as continue to work for the development of the local food industry, improvement of livelihoods and a healthier and better environment.