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  • Persimmon jelly and frozen pear


    The large persimmons and pears are frozen like a ball in the fruit shop. People can eat the fruit after melting them slowly in cold water. They are cool and sweet.

  • Pork marinated vegetables and vermicelli


    This is a local dish common in the northeast. The pickled vegetables are made of fresh cabbage that tastes sour. It is a refreshing appetizer. It uses potato flour noodles that are transparent, low-fat, flexible, bright and white.

  • White meat blood sausage


    White meat blood sausage is the most popular dish in northeast cities and rural areas. It is fresh and colorful but not greasy.

  • Northeast stew


    For thousands of years Harbin has melted traditional Chinese and Western food cultures. Harbin’s flavor can be characterized as “simple but delicate”.

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Harbin specifies punishments for paycheck delays

Harbin specifies punishments for paycheck delays, in response to reports that migrant workers are often the victims of delayed payment of wages.