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  • Sausage


    In 1913, a technician named Aijinbins made European sausage, spreading intestinal manufacturing technology to China.

  • Frozen dessert


    Frozen desserts are popular in cold drink shops. They contain milk, egg whites, coffee and rock candy that are made into various shapes. They are delicate, nutritious and sweet.

  • Persimmon jelly and frozen pear


    The large persimmons and pears are frozen like a ball in the fruit shop. People can eat the fruit after melting them slowly in cold water. They are cool and sweet.

  • Pork marinated vegetables and vermicelli


    This is a local dish common in the northeast. The pickled vegetables are made of fresh cabbage that tastes sour. It is a refreshing appetizer. It uses potato flour noodles that are transparent, low-fat, flexible, bright and white.

  • White meat blood sausage


    White meat blood sausage is the most popular dish in northeast cities and rural areas. It is fresh and colorful but not greasy.

  • Northeast stew


    For thousands of years Harbin has melted traditional Chinese and Western food cultures. Harbin’s flavor can be characterized as “simple but delicate”.

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Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.