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Tourism tips

Updated : 2018-12-28

By ( e.my399.com )

Time to travel
Winter is the best season to visit Harbin due to its rich ice and snow resources, while the best month is between mid-December and early March, when the annual ice and snow festival is held. Activities during the festival include enjoying ice and snow landscapes, participating in winter entertainment activities, and winter sports.
Winter travel tips
What to wear
Harbin lies at the same latitude as Montreal, and winter outdoor temperatures can dip below -30 Celsius, so keeping warm is of great importance. Very warm clothes such as fur-lined shoes, ear muffs, fur-lined leather gloves, down jackets, several layers of socks, padded pants, hats, scarfs and masks are necessary.
Photography tips
Digital cameras and phone batteries tend to use up their power quicker in cold weather. Keeping your camera and phone inside a jacket pocket until it is needed, and bringing backup batteries are recommended.
Family friendly?
It's suitable for people of any age and is child-friendly. Ice and snow entertainment activities are highlights for children.
Hard to acquire train and plane tickets
Harbin is accessible by plane, high-speed rail and bus. However, due to the popularity of the annual Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, and the increased amount of travel associated with the winter vacation and the Chinese Spring Festival, you may not be able to obtain even a single train or plane ticket without booking tickets in advance.