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Harbin Free Trade Zone recruits internationally

Updated : 2020-01-13

By ( e.my399.com )

The management committee of the Harbin area of China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone announced on Jan 10 that it will recruit 48 top people from home and abroad, with annual salaries of up to 700,000 yuan ($101,188).

The jobs on offer include management, researcher and translator positions.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or above and have corresponding work experience. Recruitment positions also have age requirements.

Each job seeker can only apply for one position and submit their resume between Jan 10 and Jan 17.

The employment contracts are for three years, including a six-month probationary period. Those who pass the assessment after the expiration of their employment period may renew their contracts.

Zone officials said it is understood that there will be a performance element within the annual salary package. The annual renumeration will involve a base salary and performance bonus, and the basic salary and performance component will each account for 50 percent of the total.

Officials said the basic salary will be paid monthly and the performance bonus annually, based on the assessment results.

The new staff will work for the newly established Harbin Free Trade Zone Administration Bureau, the Harbin Free Trade Zone Development and Reform Research Institute and Harbin Free Trade Zone International Investment Promotion Company.

Of these, the Harbin Free Trade Zone Administration Bureau will be responsible for performing administrative functions such as international cooperation, institutional innovation, comprehensive coordination and other public services.

The Harbin Free Trade Zone Development and Reform Research Institute will be responsible for organizing and carrying out major issues and policy research  –  as well as formulating development strategies for the area and decision-making functions to accelerate the growth of  Harbin Free Trade Zone and deepening its reforms and innovation.

Meanwhile, Harbin Free Trade Zone International Investment Promotion Company will be responsible for the introduction, implementation and tracking of foreign-funded projects, providing full-chain services and innovating solutions for the projects.

More information about the positions can be found on the official website of the Harbin New Zone (http://www.songbei.gov.cn) and the Harbin New Zone Talent Public Service Platform (WeChat ID: 汇智新区).

Background Information

The China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone was one of six new pilot free trade zones approved by the State Council – China’s Cabinet – on Aug 26 last year, bringing the total number of trade zones in China to 18.

The FTZ is undertaking more market-oriented reforms, officials said.

These aim to reinvigorate the country's northeastern region, deepen the industrial restructuring and build transportation and logistics hubs for Russia and Northeast Asia.

They also aim to improve the openness of border areas, deepen trade ties with partners participating in the Belt and Road Initiative and develop the zone into a hub for regional cooperation in Russia and Northeast Asia.

Scope of implementation

The 119.9-square-kilometer FTZ is divided into three districts. The first is a  80-square-kilometer area in the provincial capital of Harbin, the second consists of roughly 20 sq km in China's largest border city of Heihe, while the third covers almost 20 sq km in Suifenhe -- including the Suifenhe Comprehensive Bonded Area.

The Harbin area focuses on the development of such strategic emerging industries as new generation information technology, new materials, high-end equipment and biomedicines – as well as modern service industries including science and technology, finance, cultural tourism and the winter economy.

It aims to become a highland for wide-ranging commerce between Russia and Northeast Asia, a national logistics hub connecting domestic and Eurasian regions and a growth springboard and demonstration zone for the full-scale revitalization of the northeast region.