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Official call for sponsors of 2025 Asian Winter Games

Updated : 2024-03-13

By ( e.my399.com )

In an effort to accumulate a wide array of social resources and funding for the preparation of the upcoming 9th Asian Winter Games in Harbin in 2025, the organizing committee of the Games recently issued an official call for sponsors in the fields of network security and data security.

The pertinent details are as follows:

I. Overview
Issuer: Organizing Committee for the 9th Asian Winter Games
Target audience: Companies, both domestic and international, interested in sponsoring and cooperating with the 9th Asian Winter Games
Sponsorship categories: Network security and data security
Sponsorship level: Official sponsor
Number of sponsorships: 1
Method of solicitation: Open solicitation
Validity of rights: As stipulated in the "sponsorship agreement" signed with the issuer
This solicitation does not accept joint applications.

II. Application conditions
Applicants must be willing to sponsor the 9th Asian Winter Games, providing funding, materials, technology, or related services to the event and the issuer.
Applicants must possess strong financial capabilities and the capacity to provide products and services in the aforementioned categories.
Applicants must have a good commercial reputation and social image.
Applicants are encouraged to participate in the solicitation with a single category of product or service.
Applicants must adhere to the relevant procedures and requirements set forth by the issuer. Specific requirements are outlined in the "solicitation document" for this category.

III. Submission of letters of intent
Applicants are required to submit their letters of intent before 17:00 (Beijing Time) on March 15, 2024. Original letters of intent should be sent to the issuer. Submissions made through other means or after the deadline will not be accepted.

IV. Contact information
Contacts: Hao Jiajia, Wang Jing
Telephone: 0451-56189088, 56189086
Email: hrb2025scb@163.com
Address: Rooms 413 and 417, Yading Building, No 5888, Youyi West Road, Daoli district, Harbin city

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