Harbin granted approval for urban ring road

Updated : 2023-05-25

By ( e.my399.com )

The Heilongjiang Development and Reform Commission recently granted approval for the construction of the southwest loop of the Harbin urban agglomeration ring road.
The planned length of the southwest loop is 90.74 kilometers (56.38 miles), with a budget allocation of 11.64 billion yuan.
The starting point of the loop is planned to be Zhenghuang village of Wuchang county-level city. It will traverse through Dongguan township in the Shuangcheng district and the eastern area of Harbin Taiping International Airport. Crossing the Songhua River near Xiaoshanzitun, it is scheduled to conclude in Beizhan township of Zhaodong city.
The southwest loop is designed to incorporate nine interchanges, namely Niujia (hub and extension), Niujia South, Qingnong (hub), Xinsheng, Heping (hub), Tongfa, Wuzhan (hub), Wuzhan, and Anju (hub). Additionally, provisions for future construction conditions of three interchanges at Dongguan, Jichang, and Youyi will be reserved.
Moreover, the project is scheduled to include a monitoring and communication sub-center, five toll stations, two maintenance zones, two service areas, one parking area, and one extra-large bridge management station.
By implementing the Harbin urban agglomeration ring road project, the national strategy to revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China is guaranteed to be fully realized. It is destined to enhance the national and regional expressway network while playing an essential role in expediting economic and social development throughout the entire province.