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Roaming bear killed in NE China

Updated : 2013-05-29

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

HARBIN - A 400kg wild black bear was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon after causing panic in villages in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.

The black bear was first sighted in the village of Majiagang in the city of Mishan near the China-Russia border at 4 am Wednesday, causing panic among local residents. The bear later wandered into the nearby villages of Shijuzi and Lihu.

More than 300 local residents were evacuated after the 2-meter-tall bear entered their villages. The bear was later driven into a pinewood grove by police officers.

"The distance from the grove to the villagers' houses is less than 100 meters. Since local authorities in Mishan have no tranquilizer rifles, the local forestry department was given permission by the provincial forestry department to shoot the bear out of safety considerations," said Liu Li, vice director of Mishan's municipal forestry department.

The bear's origin is unknown.