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Harbin Summer Music Festival to return

Updated : 2014-07-08

By Liao Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The 32nd Harbin Summer Music Festival, which will be hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Harbin’s city government, will take place from August 6 to 15, Harbin Daily reported on Friday.

According to the city’s bureau of culture and publication, the program for this session includes chamber concerts, national music competitions, symphonies and outdoor performances.

The festival will kick off with a symphony orchestra. The following programs will be presented by both professional performing troupes and local citizens.

There will be competitions such as the Schoenfeld International String Competition, as well as various conferences and exhibitions on music.

With over 2,000 contestants signed up, the Schoenfeld International String Competition will make its Harbin debut during the music festival. The city will continue to host an international accordion contest this year. Musicians from countries including the US, Russia, France, Canada, Germany, Ukraine and Italy will amaze fans and audiences with their lectures and performances.

The event will attract notable musicians and performers from all over the world to showcase the unique culture of Harbin. The well-known conductor Tang Muhai will cooperate with the Harbin Symphony Orchestra for the opening performance.

In addition, the world-famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will give a wonderful concert. This is the first time an orchestra of such a high level will perform in Northeast China. Famed pianists and singers, such as Lang Lang, Dai Yuqiang, Wei Song, Mo Lunhua and Zhang Liping, will also be joining the event.

In order to expand its global presence, the organizing committee opened an official website in two foreign languages - English and Russian. With the help of social networking services such as weibo and WeChat, this year’s Harbin Summer Music Festival has raised its profile and encouraged all walks of life to participate.