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Harbin education promotes new-type urbanization

Updated : 2014-10-16

By Pan Qi ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Aiming for balanced development of education, the education system in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province, has been promoting the qualities of teachers and students to build Harbin into a beautiful civilized city, according to Qin Deliang, director of the city’s education bureau, on Oct 14.


Qin Deliang, director of the Harbin education bureau, summarizes efforts made to reinforce education reform and spread socialist values during an interview with reporters on Oct 14, 2014. [Photo/my399.com]

So far, children of non-residents are admitted to key senior middle schools. A total of 60,000 students have enrolled at public schools in Harbin, consisting mostly of children of rural migrant workers.

A total of 285 million yuan ($46.5 million) has been invested to improve school conditions in the past two years. A series of measures have been adopted to develop a more balanced and fair education system in the city.

This year, the education bureau has focused on pushing forward the progress of implementing collectivization of famous schools, job rotation systems for headmasters and teachers, and the practice of distant education.

Education objectives have been adjusted at different learning phases in accordance with student physical and mental development.

"We aim to cultivate children with good habits and behaviors at the elementary level, help middle school students practice basic moral principles, and guide high school students to establish a correct outlook on life and values,” explained Qin at the interview.

Students can acquire socialist values from school walls, books and songs; take part in related activities including speech and composition contests; and practice the principles in their daily life. In this way, students can learn moral principles while acquiring advanced knowledge in science and culture.

Ensuring the healthy development of education and the integrity and professional competence of teachers is key.

"We have always been committed to raising the professional ethics and competence of teachers. We set ethics education as the first lesson for new teachers to start their career in schools and create platforms for teachers to exchange their experiences in teaching and share ideas on building strong character,” said Qin at the interview.

"Education is the root of our nation, the soul of our city. A balanced, fair education system conforms to the demands of the new-type urbanization period. The education bureau of Harbin will spare no efforts to build Harbin into a beautiful civilized city,” said the education chief at the end of the interview.