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Recommended tour routes in the city of Harbin

Updated : 2015-06-10

By ( e.my399.com )

The annual summer fun festival is the city of Harbin’s main tourism event with the focus this year on wetland ecology. With that in mind, we have here some recommendations on where to go and what to do during the festival so that people can draw up an itinerary that fits their schedule and preferences:

Ecological tourism

❤ One-day tour to Sun Island Scenic Area and Jinhewan Wetland Park

Morning:Sun Island Scenic Area, Waitan Wetland Park, and “One Lake and Three Islands” (Sun Lake and Middle Island, East Island, and West Island in the Scenic Area.

Noon: Lunch at Longhua Yucun Restaurant or an outdoor barbeque buffet at Jinhewan Wetland Park

Afternoon: Jinhewan Wetland Park

❤ One-day tour to Baiyupao Wetland Park

Morning:Sightseeing in the Park

Noon: Fish feast in a park restaurant.

Afternoon: Harbin Guandao, or Daotai Mansion, in a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) architectural style with green bricks and black tiles, and Central Ave.

❤ One-day tour at Hulanhekou (Hulan River Mouth) Wetland Park

Morning:Go to the park from downtown Harbin by coach or boat

Noon: Lunch on rural food at a local farmer’s house

Afternoon: Visit the residence of Xiao Hong, a left-wing Chinese writer, in the old Harbin Hulan district, then the memorial hall, and the Hulan Catholic Church.

❤ One-day tour at Hulanhekou (Mouth of Hulan River) Wetland Park

In the morning:Head for the park from downtown Harbin by coach or boat

At noon: Farm food at local farmer’s house

In the afternoon: Former Residence of Xiao Hong, the left-wing Chinese writer’s residence in the old town of Harbin’s Hulan district; Xiao Hong’s memorial hall; and the Hulan Catholic Church.

❤ One-day tour of Beifang Forest Zoo and Pingshan Mountain

Morning:Tour a museum of Jin Dynasty (1115-1234) history and go sightseeing at the Zoo

Noon: Lunch at a hotel in Pingshan Tourist Resort

Afternoon: Visit the resort on Pingshan Mountain

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Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.