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Harbin activates Haxin innovation incubator

Updated : 2017-01-10

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Heilongjiang Haxin entrepreneurship and innovation incubator began operations on Jan 9 in Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

It is the sixth professional incubator built jointly by companies and the Harbin Cultural and Technological Integration Demonstration Base in the Pingfang district.

A total of 91 companies have currently come to this incubator, two of which have seed funding.

The Harbin Haxin entrepreneurship and innovation incubator boasts road show halls, coffee shops, and service areas to provide investment, financing and policy explanation.

The incubator will cooperate with universities and colleges in Heilongjiang province, and provide all incubation services for entrepreneurship teams and small and medium-sized companies.

On the first day of operations, 11 cultural and technological companies came to the incubator looking for financing through project marketing and road show displays.

The projects were related to filmmaking, internet drama production and animation.

One project attracting large investment money is the TV series Maodong –literally meaning “people who stay at home to spend the winter”. The Hengrui Film and Television Company invested 25 million yuan ($3.61 million) to produce the TV series.

Harbin Cultural and Technological Integration Demonstration Base is one of five industrial parks in the Pingfang district in Harbin. A total of 538 companies have registered in the base, involving in the industries of design, animation and education.

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